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PEARL Personal Training Programs

"One on One" Personal Training
Train with one of our trainers for an exhilarating hour.
 $60 per session

"Kinesis Only" Personal Training
Focus on Kinesis Training for an intense thirty minutes.
$30 per session

"Pearl Partner" Personal Training
Train with one friend for an hour and reduce your cost.
$40 Per Session Per Person

"Small Group" Personal Training
Join a small group workout led by one of our trainers . Drop in rate is $20 or save money by paying monthly. $75 is the monthly cost to come once a week for a month, $150 is the monthly cost for two times a week, and $225 monthly allows you to come three times a week. We also offer a price for the diehards. It is $250 for unlimited classes. Call Pearl to sign up or sign up on this website.

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